Euterpe appreciates any support in our efforts to spread a deeper understanding and relationship with music. You can help us by donating today via mail, or use the secure PayPal button below (if necessary, please include your name and address for tax receipts)

Mailed donations can be sent to:

44 Simpson Avenue
Toronto, ON
M4K 1A2

Euterpe is a musical, not-for-profit charitable organization.  Our Registered Charity # is: 85231 1034 RR0001 and we are pleased to provide a tax receipt for every donation of $20.00 or more.  We are appreciative of every gift no matter what the size because we know that your caring for music in all our lives makes this possible.

All donors are warned that a woman who may identify herself using the name Alli Murray is not authorized to act as a fundraiser, or in any other capacity, for Euterpe Corporation.  There are only two authorized fundraisers and they are the founders of Euterpe Corporation, Catherine Wilson and Norman Hathaway.  If you are approached by anyone other than Catherine Wilson or Norman Hathaway soliciting donations to Euterpe Corporation please contact Catherine Wilson and Norman Hathaway at

Why Donate?


Your donation allows Euterpe to reach many more children and others who would not otherwise be exposed to the nurturing and other benefits of the positive power of a Euterpe musical experience.

It has been well documented scientifically that exposing young children to classical music aids in all areas of learning, from reading, math, social skills and much more.  There is compelling scientific evidence that music has health giving benefits for all people – from infants through to old age.

Your donation keeps Euterpe at the forefront of restoring our essential connection to music of substance, and what we describe as planting musical seeds to effect positive change in the listener and the performer.

Exposure to music is constantly being minimized, not least by our ever-invasive culture of the sound bite.   Most of our children, whether they are in North America or in developing countries, are tuned into a piece of technology.

In Canada, the arts, and especially music is considered a frill in our Children’s education.

Your donation helps Euterpe in developing collaborations with corporations, community out-reach programs, institutions and educational facilities, in order to be able to offer free of charge, high calibre performances for everyone.  Your support encourages these  partnerships.